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Champion Clay double thrower


Description The EZ-Throw is the original patented design clay target thrower. Its one-piece design throws clay faster and farther than most mechanical throws and it will not break or rust. The “power curve”, as we call it, gives you a smooth throw. So easy to use, whether you are right or left-handed, with a little practice, you will soon be...

Champion standard hand thrower


Description: Experience trap shooting fun with the Champion Hand Thrower. Designed for easy use and minimal effort, this hand thrower sends targets flying for fast clay action. Constructed of rugged polypropylene and able to hold any standard size clay, this new hand thrower is the ultimate in portability and perfect for backyard shooting sessions. Get distance, accuracy, and consistent flights...

Coghlan’s Camp Shower 18.9l


Description: Lightweight, non-toxic PVC Camp Shower stores enough water for 3 - 4 showers. Compact and easy to use, includes cord for hanging.   Light weight Non-toxic PVC 18.9L

Condor HHR - Handheld Radio Pouch Black

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Description: The Condor HHR- Hand Held Radio Pouch is made to hold any smaller sized communication device out in the field securely.Also Ideal for reasonably heavy pieces of EDC equipment and allows quick access when carrying it on a belt. Designed for security and community workers for smaller communication devices, and securely mounts onto the MOLLE platform vest or backpack.Fits...

Easy Grip Spatula Braai Tong


Features: Aluminium handle. 38cm long.Stainless steel spatula in front.Stainless steel rivets, springs and washers used.Smooth handles for easier grip & maneuverability.No folded handles to get your fingers stuck in.  

Gary Yamamoto 4"inc Stretch 40 - 10pk


Overview: Gary Yamamoto Stretch 40 Grub 4" The Yamamoto Single Tail Grubs have been a classic bait for years for a reason. One of the most versatile baits ever created, they can be rigged a variety of ways and catch fish year around. Fish them alone or as a spinnerbait, buzzbait or jig trailer, the Yamamoto Single Tail Grubs have...