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Decathlon Solognac Lightweight fleece - green

R529.00 R499.00

TECHNICAL INFORMATIONS WARMTH High collar, 200 g/m2 fleece, elasticated cuffs and waistband. SILENT Because silence is the key to success when hunting, even at the cooler times of day, our designers chose a smooth fleece fabric that is soft to the touch and does not make any noise due to friction. WHY RECYCLE? By recycling plastic bottles or textiles to...

Decathlon Solognac Fleece 500 black

R749.00 R599.00

TECHNICAL INFORMATIONS WARMTH The fleece traps air in the volume created by its texture (known as "terry cloth" when it is made up of loops). Thanks to its natural insulating properties, this air keeps the body warm.When temperature averages around 10°C, you need to protect yourself from the cold. The fleece fabric and raised collar protect your entire neck and...