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Burris Fullfield IV 3-12X42mm Matt Black (200490)


For versatility, from shooting varmints to big game, the Burris Fullfield IV 3-12x42mm Ballistic E3 Riflescope is the right choice and is particularly suited for long range shots with any of its three reticle options. Therefore, the Burris Fullfield IV 3-12x42mm Riflescope is rugged, lightweight, and most importantly reliable for an accurate shot every time. The Fullfield IV models are offered with...

Swarovski Z5 5-25x52P L BRH


Its 25x magnification and 5x zoom rightly make the Z5 5-25x52 P L rifle scope the expert when it comes to long-range hunting. Lateral parallax correction guarantees you a faultless image.

Swarovski DS Gen. II 5-25x52P

R94,995.00 R89,995.00

Burris Eliminator IV 4-16x50mm


Just aim, range, and shoot. It's that simple. The new Eliminator IV features extended rangefinding capabilities out to 2,000 yards and enhanced ballistic calculator with more data and faster-aiming solutions. All this significantly increasing the distance at which you can make an ethical shot. New wireless remote laser activation of the laser rangefinder has been added to make it easy to range your target....



Train Far, Hunt Responsibly, and Never Miss a shot with the revolutionary Eliminator 6, our most advanced hunting riflescope to date. Harnessing over 20 years of cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrated into a modern riflescope chassis, the Eliminator 6 empowers hunters to achieve unparalleled accuracy in the most challenging conditions. At the touch of a button, this redesigned marvel ranges and...