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Leica Calonox Sight


Description: Every shot is a responsibility. The Leica Calonox Sight is the right choice when you want to elevate your field judging accuracy and ensure an ethically placed shot. This combined thermal camera and thermal imaging clip-on also let you achieve exceptional repeatability. Specifications: Device type Thermal imaging device Type No. 1790 Order No. 50 500 Scope of delivery Calonox...

Thermal Monocular TT2N


Description: Timeless Tecnology The 13mm diameter objective lens provides an excellent field of view of 50m at 100m and a detection range of up to 459m. This provides the KEILER 13 PRO hand-held thermal spotter with a very good overview and a detailed image while out hunting. Four different viewing modes can be activated with this model, which can be...

Thermal Monocular TTN3


Description: Timeless Technologies Features:- Better image quality, greater sensitivity, smaller, more functions.- High resolution 720 × 540 screen, sharper image.- Intelligent algorithm with noise reduction for a clearer image.- Top national manufacturer, military quality, high sensitivity, NETD≤50mk.- The lowest NETD, the highest sensitivity, the strongest temperature difference distinguishing capability, the richest image details.