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Umarex HDR50 Home Defence Revolver


Description: INCLUDES: 3X CO2 CYLINDERS & 50 SOLID SCULL CRACKERS The T4E Real Action Marker HDR (Home Defense Revolver ), whose strengths lie clearly in the large caliber .50 , the enormous energy (11 Joule including "F" for Germany) and the eye-catching optics, belongs to the latest generation of high End training and marker weapons used by both government and military for training purposes. The Real Action Marker HDR50 T4E is powered by...

Ram Direct Stream Pepper Spray


Description: Ram Defense - Pepper Stream - 100ml/60ml - Black & OrangeIdeally you would not like to find yourself in a dangerous situation where you need to protect yourself from an attacker, but in our day, in our country, rather be prepared than not. If you are looking for a nonlethal self-defence product than the Ram Defense Pepper Spray is...

Piexon Gardian Angel II self defence Pistol


DESCRIPTION The Guardian Angel II is one of the most advanced non-lethal self defense devices available today. It renders pepper sprays obsolete and stops threats at a safe distance. Small, light and by the use of a ergonomic style with a grip, it is even easier to handle. With the sight, it is easy to hit a target. In spite...

JPX Pepper Self Defence Pistol


The Less-Lethal Weapon  Taking OC Pepper Spray to the Limit Features The JPX Protector Pepper Gun is the most powerful hand-held OC delivery system available The conventional design speeds training and ensures accurate solution delivery The patented propulsion system launches high grade OC solution at 650 kph Effective range is up to 7 meters Each magazine contains two charges, and...

Stun Gun Taser with Laser Pointer


Description: New Taser Stun Gun with Laser Pointer with up to 5m Electric Wire Discharge for sale This Tazer Fires From 5m Away With Laser Pointer Accuracy Simply Load A Cartridge Onto The End Of The Tazer When Ready To Shoot -Simply Push The ‘Fire’ Button And 2 Steel Pins With Wires Connected To Your Gun Shoot Out Up To 5m And Penetrate...

Byrna Spare Magazines - 2 Pack


Description: The Byrna Spare Magazines are handy extras for your Byrna HD Pepper Pistol.Be prepared and loaded for when you need it. This spare 5 round magazines are for the Byrna HD. Byrna HD and magazine sold separately.   Features: Holds 5 rounds per magazine Byrna HD Pepper Pistol