Quénet's Outdoor

Lynx LX2 5-20x50 Competition


Illuminated MOA@20 Competition Reticle Fifteen hash marks on each quadrant, 1 MOA apart with magnification set to 20x, facilitate versatile and simple aiming off points. The 2.5mm thick @ 20x reticle lines are fine enough to use for long range target shooting but are still visible for shooters with less than perfect eyesight. Depending on range conditions, distance to target...

Lynx LX3 3-12x56 SA Hunter


Brilliant Optics Extra low dispersion glass and the latest anti-reflective lens coating technology gives brilliant image clarity and brightness. 56mm Objective Lens for Optimum Throughput of Light Set the scope to 8x and the scope transmits more light to your fully dark-adapted eye than it can use. This extends the maximum distance you can identify targets at at night by...