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Creature Baits

Lunkerhunt Phantom Spider - Six Spot


Description: A new twist on the popular hollow body topwater bait design, the Lunkerhunt Phantom Spider surely looks like nothing the bass in your local waters have seen before. Featuring a hollow carapace and 8 freely moving appendages, the Phantom Spider utilizes a completely weedless design to stride, glide, and twitch its way across the surface through areas of thick...

Zoom Horny Toad June Bug - 5PK


Description: Zoom Horny Toad JUNEBUG The Zoom Horny Toad is South Africa's GO TO TOAD BAIT! The Zoom Horny Toad features two Ultra-Vibe legs that buzz and churn on the surface with a moderate retrieve. Rig it weedless and and fish over grass and pads or rig as a jig trailer. The Ultra-Vibe legs give out plenty of fish attracting...

Zoom Baby Brush Hog June Bug - 8PK


Zoom Baby Brush Hog June Bug

Zoom Baby Brush Hog Green Pumpkin - 12PK


Description: The Zoom Brush Hog is the favorite of many across the country. This bait is large (7"), but falls slowly because of its wing-like features on the side. Combined with a double tail on the back, this bait puts lots of vibration out and can call fish even in murky water. This is most often fished on a Texas...