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LK's Biltongmaker Stainless Steel

R2,895.00 R2,595.00

  Features: Takes approximately 5kg of raw meat to be made into biltong(*)  Panoramic 360° view of your biltong drying - Extraction fan at the top, and the heating element at the bottom - just like commercial biltong driers. The machine makes use of a 40W light bulb to supply the right temperature and convection air circulation to dry the...

Tekut Bamboo Biltong Slicer + Carbide Sharpener


A Bamboo twist on our Classic Biltong Slicer with Tungsten Carbide Sharpener built in for easy sharpening.High Quality Stainless Steel Blade Holds an edge for extended periods. Cuts effortlessly and sharpens easily Ergonomic,Rubberized handle with superb grip Detachable knife for independant use and easy cleaning Compact spanner included for convenient blade fitment and removalBamboo Chopping Base Clean and Hygenic Ideal...