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Umarex HDR50 Home Defence Revolver


Description: The T4E Real Action Marker HDR (Home Defense Revolver ), whose strengths lie clearly in the large caliber .50 , the enormous energy (11 Joule including "F" for Germany) and the eye-catching optics, belongs to the latest generation of high End training and marker weapons used by both government and military for training purposes. The Real Action Marker HDR50 T4E is powered by a Co2 capsule, which is easily accessible in the...

Byrna HD Ready Pepper Pistol Kit


DESCRIPTION The Byrna HD Ready Pepper Pistol is a powerful and fast non-lethal self defense pistol featuring a speed of 91m per second! The Byrna is the first of its kind, a powerful air-fired handheld personal security device available to everyone. A non-lethal device that can effectively deter, disorient and delay attackers. The compact design of the Byrna allows it to be...

Umarex Glock 17 CO2 Pistol Airgun - 4.5mm


DESCRIPTION The Umarex Glock 17 CO2 Pistol Airgun is glock perfection. Umarex is well known for rolling out ultra realistic replica airguns, and the Glock 17 BB gun is no exception!  Bearing the same trademarks and logos of the firearm. The Glock 17 is known for being extremely reliable and is popular among both Law Enforcement and civilian shooters alike. It's finally time to...