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Victorinox Hunter Pro M26 Alox


Description: Large Pocket Knife with Paracord Pendant Built for discovery and wanderlust, the latest incarnation of the Hunter Pro adds sophistication and slick looks into the mix. Featuring the ribbed Alox scales synonymous with our Pioneer collection, this design adds a more tactile, multi-dimensional finish. The curved clip slots seamlessly onto the layer behind the scale for easy attachment to...

Victorinox Sentinel Clip

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Large Pocket Knife with Clip Description: Enigmatic and classy, the color black always has something special. Inspired by the Swiss Army Knives, the Sentinel Clip is ready to face any challenge. Its large lock blade can be opened with one hand, and the clip allows you to attach it to your pocket while you move smoothly through your everyday adventures....

Victorinox Bantam Silver Alox 84mm


Description: Product Code:V0.2300.26 A sleek EDC with a slim profile that's incredibly functional, featuring five essentials, including a useful combination tool and large blade. A traditional Alox Original Officer's Swiss Army Knife featuring the small engraving panel on the back Alox scale. Features: 1. Large Blade2. Wire Stripper3. Bottle Opener 4. Screwdriver 5 mm 5. Can Opener

Victorinox Huntsman Grey/Blue Navy Camouflage

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Descritpion: Refined, compact urban design that exudes legendary craftsmanship in conjunction with durability, a versatile EDC that includes everything needed for the avid outdoorsman, including an indispensable scissors and the ever popular wood saw. Features:1. Large Blade2. Small Blade3. Can Opener4. Screwdriver 3 mm5. Bottle Opener6. Wire Stripper7. Screwdriver 6 mm8. Reamer, Punch and Sewing Awl9. Corkscrew10. Scissors11. Wood Saw12....

Victorinox Hunter pro Alox Red


Description: Swiss army knife - Hunter pro Alox Red Swiss army knives Victorinox have been known for their multi-purpose usage all around the world for more than 120 years. Victorinox company offers more than 800 various types of Swiss army knives, such as Victorinox Swiss army knives,  Victorinox pocket knives, Victorinox craftsman knives, Victorinox knives for households and Victorinox butcher knives....

Victorinox Huntsman Red 91mm Product Code:V1.3713


Description: The Iconic Swiss Officer's knife, first produced in 1897, forms the basis for the entire range of modern Folding/Pocket tools, which still embody the original virtues of functionality, quality and user friendliness. The extensive range of models is continually being revised, and you are therefore sure to find the right Officer's Knife for every application and life's adventure that...